When hiring someone to work on your property, be sure to ask the following:
How long have you been in business?2024-06-04T14:31:42-07:00

Longevity in a company shows reliability and stability. Ersland Touch Landscape, LLC has been in business since 1984.

Are you a licensed contractor?2024-06-04T14:15:29-07:00

Using a licensed contractor promotes accountability and responsibility. Ersland Touch Landscape, LLC is licensed and bonded with the State of Arizona as a landscape contractor providing installation and renovation as well as regular maintenance. AZ ROC 133079 C-21R

Do you have insurance?2024-06-04T14:15:29-07:00

Using an uninsured or under insured landscape contractor leaves YOU liable for any accidents and damages to people, equipment and property while on your job. Ersland Touch Landscape, LLC is fully insured. We carry Workers’ Compensation insurance as well as Liability insurance to protect you and your property.

Do you use illegal alien workers?2024-06-04T14:15:29-07:00

We are registered with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify Program for Employment Verification. All of our employees are documented and/or have been E-Verified. We strive to uphold the law by not hiring illegal workers. Each employee fills out the federally mandated I-9 form as well as the Arizona New Hire Report form.

Do you provide free estimates?2024-06-04T14:15:29-07:00

All of our estimates and proposals are free. Our proposals spell out exactly what you can and cannot expect. Without a written document, responsibility at your property can become confusing.

Do you have reliable equipment?2024-06-04T14:15:28-07:00

Good equipment keeps work progressing. Ersland Touch Landscape, LLC has an aggressive program to keep all of our equipment up to date and efficient. Most items, including trucks, are less than 2 years old. This promotes better functioning equipment as well as cleaner emissions in the air we breathe.

Is there a person in the office, or just a machine to take my call?2024-06-04T14:15:28-07:00

Communication is paramount in a service industry. Ersland Touch Landscape, LLC has a full office staff, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. except holidays. You will normally talk to a person, not a machine. Voice mail is available after hours.

Is my property managed by one specific person or several different people?2024-06-04T14:15:28-07:00

Ersland Touch landscape, LLC is unique in that each property is assigned to a specific team. You will normally experience the same crew and the same foreman each visit. Each employee takes personal pride in “their” properties. All supervisors speak English and all foremen speak some English to better communicate with you.

Can you spray my weeds? Are you licensed?2024-06-04T14:15:28-07:00

Ersland Touch Landscape, LLC is fully licensed through the State of Arizona Office of Pest Management, License #5260.

Do you provide other services besides maintenance?2024-06-04T14:15:28-07:00

Ersland Touch Landscape, LLC is a full service landscape maintenance company providing regular maintenance, renovations, planting, sprinkler repair, chemical application, tree service, fertilization, landscape lighting, etc. Click on the services tab for a more complete list.

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